• Showreel

    A brief showcase of some of my work from the past year. A selection of clients varied from Edinburgh Business School and Sustainable Energy Scotland to Parragon Publishing and Allatus Unity. All work was created with elastic creative.
  • 6th August 1945

    6th August 1945 A typographic, motion and print response to the 2012 ISTD It Happened on this Day brief. The chosen day of 6th August 1945 follows the US Air Force in the lead up to the dropping of the atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. Awarded an ISTD Pass. Watch in HD.
  • Frame

    A selection of posters and designs I have created both past and present. Some were created as part of projects and others were created on a personal basis. For any information regarding any posters please feel free to get in touch.
  • Pitch and Sync

    Pitch & Sync (P&S) are a company that use music and the creativity that surrounds it to make brands look good. From traditional supervision through to fully integrated music-led marketing campaigns. The nature of this brief was to promote P&S to forward thinking brands and creative industry. This campaign began by showing how P&S can enhanced regular advertisements through the addition of music. Plug in points were created on ad shells, creating a fuller experience of the advertisement. A viral video was used to publicise these ad shell advertisements. Similarly advertisements in creative magazines would allow recipients to fully experience the service P&S can provide. Finally a music integrated poster would be sent to clients to allow them to keep up to date with a selection of new music chosen by P&S. D&AD Student Awards 2012
  • Hide&Seek

    Social media and online gaming is rapidly becoming the chosen alternative to physical interaction for those between 16-26. This can be closely linked with growing numbers of cardiovascular diseases diagnosed in this age group. Using elements of online gaming and social media, create a fun way to get Generation Y active and physically interacting.
  • Elastic Creative

    I created this promotional ident in response a brief set by Edinburgh based design consultancy Elastic Creative. The aim was to exhibit their company as one that was flexible and in keeping with their name. An anagram of 'Elastic Creative' is 'cat' ace silver tie' which visually represented through a shape that morphs into these objects. On completion of this project I was offered the opportunity to come work for Elastic . . . which I accepted!
  • Crime Figures

    This campaign was created in response to a brief set by Glasgow based design agency Traffic. The project primarily displays Dundee's crime stats in comparison to the national average. The project consists of 3 ad shells and A size posters which can be distributed to public ares around Dundee or be used as mail-drop fliers.